Flamingo Infinity Bound Necklace

Flamingo Infinity Bound Necklace


This necklace is a striking combination of tinted black and white porcelain with cotton-wrapped cording in pinks and peaches.  The cord is malleable to shape, and you can rotate the necklace and bead to create a new design with each wear.

What Makes Your Piece Special

The significance in clay crafted for fashion is the time and attention it takes to create a beautiful piece for wear.  Handcrafted beads are recorded as one of the earliest forms of adornment and trade, and your necklace is characteristic to the artist's aesthetic.  

Every porcelain charm is hand-cut and shaped, then sanded to create a tactility to the piece that is smooth and cool like soapstone.   The porcelain is then twice-fired in our kiln and inspected for durability and integrity to the design.  

Variations are characteristic to art production, making your necklace uniquely original.  

Porcelain.  Cotton. 


1.75" bead

Allow 2 weeks production.

Why so long?  Little Clay Studio fires each piece twice in our kiln for aesthetic and durability.  Learn more about the art production process.

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