Little Clay Studio is an accentual offering of ceramist Traci Ward.  Her study began at The Contemporary Art School of Austin, a campus tucked under palm trees and strung lights in Texas.  Little Clay Studio's jewelry and housewares are an expression of color and form through clay bodies and glazes, dyes and fibers.  

Choose a piece that speaks to you.  Every item is uniquely original and a creative way to wear and collect art.


Our food-safe ceramicware is created with lead-free glazes and vitrified for everyday use.

"Vitrification transforms clay from a porous body to a surface bonded to its glass particles at a kiln fire appropriate to the clay's cone.  Vitrified clay is water impermeable, making glazed and specified unglazed surfaces functional and water resistant."

Our ceramicware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, unless it has metallic or opalescent accents. Hand washing is recommended for all pieces.  


Art pieces labeled decorative are sculptural, experimental, and meant for design and aesthetic.


Little Clay Studio creates at an art production level using vegan-friendly practices.  Designing in small batches affords originality in each piece, and variations are characteristic to the art of hand-built wares.  Production time varies by project and is detailed on each product page.  We ship worldwide via USPS Priority Mail. 


Every item is inspected for durability and integrity to its design and function.  Sales are final due to the handmade nature of our collection, but if you find a problem with your order, contact us at or inquire below so we can find a solution.  



We love collaborations.  Reach out and we'll be in touch.

If you use content from this site, link Little Clay Studio.  Thanks.

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