Brushed Water Set

Brushed Water Set


Layered with liquid-blue brush strokes and peeks of clay, the Brushed Water set is a simplistically complex canvas for your culinary and decorative creations.  


  • Small Bowl 4.5 in. (11.43 cm)

  • Small Plate 8.25 in. (20.95 cm)

  • Medium Plate 9.75 in. (24.77 cm)  

Stoneware.  Food + Dishwasher Safe. 

Tops: Glazed

Bottoms:  Unglazed

This series is hand-built with Armstone and White Dillo clay.  Each piece is sanded at bisque and glaze-fired stages to create a velvety-smooth touch to the groggy Armstone, and a soapstone touch to the White Dillo.  When you feel the bottom of each piece you'll find it's both tactile and smooth on surfaces.  The sandy texture and brushed white celadon glaze creates the appearance of shallow water on the beach.

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