Oyster Set

Oyster Set


The Oyster Set is a beachy duo of opalescent and celadon bowls for every day food and decorative use.


  • Small Bowl 4.5 in. (11.43 cm)

  • Large Bowl: 9.25 in. (23.50 cm)

Stoneware.  Food + Dishwasher Safe. 

Tops: Glazed. 

Bottoms:  Unglazed.  

This series is made with White Dillo, a lightweight, gray clay that radiates the coolness of soapstone when sanded.  There is a lot of detail in the clay structure and glaze pooling that resembles water and oyster shells.  

The large bowl is dipped in white celadon, a liquid-blue glaze with a characteristic crackling effect, and the small bowl is brushed-glazed with rutile, a glaze that has an earthy base color with bursts of violet opalescence. 


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