Your Jewelry, Step by Step.

green clay black tinted porcelain.  little clay studio.  workbook.  clay jewelry in progress.


Little Clay Studio's jewelry begins with fresh clay that is shaped into beads and pendants.  Green is clay at its rawest form: unfired, unglazed, and damp to the touch.  Each bead requires drying time to reach its hardened stage.

leather-hard tinted black and white porcelain clay. little clay studio. porcelain jewelry, austin, texas.


Clay at this stage has dried considerably and has the feel of cool leather.  Because there is still moisture in leather-hard clay, it can be manipulated with water to reshape or smooth its surface.  

bone-dry porcelain clay. statement jewelry. little clay studio. porcelain jewelry, austin, texas.


Bone-dry clay is absent of moisture and takes at least 12 hours to reach this stage, depending on the warmth and humidity of the environment.  The clay is now at its most fragile state and is carefully sanded to further shape and smooth.

bisque-fired porcelain clay. little clay studio. porcelain jewelry, austin, texas. boho jewelry.


The first kiln fire produces bisqueware, which is sturdy and absorbent, and has reduced in size.  A second sanding is applied to each piece before it is glazed.

glazed clay pendants and beads. ethically made.  ethical fashion. little clay studio. porcelain jewelry, austin, texas.


Glazing bisqued pieces adds a layer of color and sheen, depending on the type of glaze used.  There are several pieces in Little Clay Studio's collection that are unglazed, which adds a matte and textural quality to the jewelry.

clay beads ready to take out of the kiln. little clay studio. porcelain jewelry, austin, texas.


A second kiln fire vitrifies the clay, making it water impermeable when it reaches its cone temperature.  Vitrified clay is further strengthened and reduced in size.  It is during this fire when the applied glaze develops.  The beauty of glaze firing is there is an element of surprise each time the kiln is unloaded.

cotton threads and glass beads used in little clay studio's jewelry.  vegan-friendly jewelry.  made in austin texas.


A color study is applied to evoke a striking combination.  Each necklace is hand-bound with thread as every wrap is crucial to achieving smooth and even binding.

flamingo infinity-bound necklace made with cotton cord and black and white porcelain.  woman-owned. little clay studio. made in austin, texas,


There is art in the making Little Clay Studio's jewelry, and the process takes 1-2 weeks.  You'll find that each necklace is unique and you can layer pieces to accentuate your style. 


Find a piece that speaks to your artistic side.