Here's to Fresh Beginnings and No Turning Back
Porcelain Necklace I (5 of 5).jpg

If 2016 were a master course in life lessons, it taught us the importance of embracing our authentic selves, applying a higher standard, and pressing forward despite uncertainty.

With a new year comes new goals and the opportunity to unfold the life we want--starting now, without hesitation or a lingering look behind.

Draw + Co.’s January 2017 collection is a fresh take on porcelain jewelry with an expression of color and form through modern shapes and painterly touches. Each piece is vegan, ethically made in Austin, Texas, and a clever way to wear art. Consider it a resolution, hand-strung and adorned with a festive tassel.

Join us as we explore the time-honored art of ceramics and wishing you happy holidays and new year!


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