Trimming Big Bowls


Ya'll! I didn't think it could be done, but I made a bowl large enough for that table-sized bat. I'm gonna trim super slow and pray it doesn't wreck my legs...


Amuse-Bouche in a Pottery Wheel Bowl

 Local Austin pottery for restaurants, interior decorating, plating, food photography, magazines, wholesale, boutiques, shops, home, tableware, plates, bowls, accents by Little Clay Studio

I'm really enjoying this large, shallow bowl that can be used as a serving dish or dinner platter.  Today we noshed on truffle gouda, rosemary sourdough bread, and kalamata olives. 

This bowl is finished with an oatmeal glaze, which has a supple and matte finish.  There are sections of light seafoam and golden-brown that reflect the brush stroke application.   

Studio 512 Feature on KXAN


Robin Reynolds of Roots and Revival reached out to see if I would be interested in sharing Little Clay Studio's jewelry for a style feature on Studio 512.  

This was a great opportunity to support a social good marketplace that assists charitable organizations in Austin. 

Can you spot our Marble Double Round earrings on the model in the middle?  The marbled earrings complemented her black and white striped skirt.  The earrings are featured at the 1:11 mark on KXAN's site.

TV personality Amanda Tatom added a pair of the Drop Hoop earrings to her personal collection.  They are a new design I've been working on and will be available mid-April.

 Little Clay Studio is an Austin jewelry and pottery studio specializing in black and white porcelain. Wholesale orders are available.
 Photo by Roots and Revival.

Photo by Roots and Revival.

Little Clay Studio's Double Drop earrings featured on KXAN Studio 512