Bisqued Bowls Ready to Glaze


These speckled and ribbed bowls, and short mugs have been bisqued in the electric kiln.  Bisqueware is clay that has been fired at a relatively low kiln fire, between cones 05-04 (approximately 1870-1970 degrees fahrenheit ).  Bisquing clay is the first fire in twice-fired ceramics and allows for easier glazing and increased durability.  

 Black and white porcelain bowls for air plants and succulents.  Short ribbed mugs for espresso and tea.  White and peach soup and cereal bowls.  Ribbed serving bowls in white, peach, navy and black.  Hand thrown on the pottery wheel made in Austin, Texas for home decor, interior design, restaurants, food styling, food photography, plating, and more.

The small speckled bowls are a commission for a plant shop in Austin and will be used for succulents and air plants.  The shorties will be perfect espresso or tea, and the medium-sized bowls are sized for soups, cereals, and smoothie bowls.  The largest of the bowls will plate a salad nicely, or function as a serving bowl for sides.  Check in later for an update on the glazing process.


Little Clay Studio