Shop's Open

My goal as a resident artist includes exploring clay and pottery techniques, honing my skills and sharing ideas with aspiring ceramists, creating a collection for my shop, and making art for our June 2019 show. Creating an online store and blog is a big check off my list and I look forward to sharing more as I continue to work in the ceramics studio.

The ceramic pieces I select for my shop have been carefully inspected for durability and integrity to their design. They are my best works —and the ones I’m willing to part with. A potter spends a lot time with each piece as its being formed and it’s easy to get attached. I guess that’s the perk of being a ceramist, you get to create art you find beautiful, surround yourself with it, and eventually share it with others.

It takes as little as a week, and as long as months to create, depending on the technique and studio’s production. I find the world of clay fascinating and will add to the blog and shop regularly.

Little Clay Studio